The Internet of things and item intelligence

The internet of things (IoT) is a technological revolution interconnecting all things online. People, objects and devices can be monitored in real time through an internet connection. Radio frequency identification (Rain RFID) allows us to connect, identify, authenticate, track and monitor all these things with efficiency and intelligence. The information related to each monitored item, when adequately inserted in the workflow of a process, delivers added intelligence to it, the "Item Intelligence". That intelligence, when properly used, delivers impactful improvements in performance.

Technology in the service of

Healthcare management

Whether keyboards, buttons, barcode scanners, smartphones or tablets, all data available to the caregiver and healthcare facility was entered in systems and applications by means of "a human interface". All those devices depend on human intervention, allowing for errors and causing mistaken assumptions. When data is acquired automatically, accuracy increases as well as trust. Faster and more accurate data allow for better tuning of diagnostic processes and improved patient management.

Identhis is the winner of the first edition of the IoT RFID 2017 Award granted by ABRFID - Brazilian Association of the Radio Frequency Identification Industry with the solution "Surgical Instruments and Textiles Identification with RAIN RFID UHF"

The award recognizes the pioneering and innovation of companies that have implemented RFID technology or the IoT concept to benefit businesses worldwide in different vertical markets.

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