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Identhis SureKits

increase the efficiency and

safety of your surgical unit identifying your assets with SureKits RAIN RFID solution

The fastest and most accurate solution to track & trace surgical instruments

There are great challenges in the management of surgical instruments, which is highly dependent on well trained and dedicated technicians.


The FDA MEDICAL DEVICE TRACKING REQUIREMENTS has determined that healthcare institutions should maintain trace-ability of surgical instruments (21 CFR Parts 862-892) as part of their standard operating procedures (SOP). This is to ensure the proper accountability of each batch processed and mandates that the healthcare institution maintain a manual or automated record of the cleaning and disinfection or sterilization steps. 


In order to meet the legal standards, optimize the work flow on Class I or II surgical devices, provide intelligence and automation to the cycle of sterilization and create an e-governance tool, SureKits was developed.

surgical container identified with
SureKits RAIN RFID tag

Identhis SureKits autoclavable RAIN RFID tag
Identhis SureKits autoclavable RAIN RFID tag

SureKits patented

color coded RAIN RFID tag

for surgical instruments

SureKits is a set of solutions aimed at the control, monitoring, audit and strategic planning of the entire cycle of sterilized surgical instruments. In the operating room, smart tables can detect the amount of instruments on the table, letting the user know if there are any missing and instruments. If one is erroneously discarded in the monitored trash, it will be checked for problems or damage at the sterilization center. Before surgery, the instruments are placed on an intelligent table and are counted and traced instantaneously.

Given this speed, the instrument counting time after surgery falls dramatically from existing standard practices, allowing greater OR use turnover and increased patient safety with alerts for missing instruments, preventing inadvertent in-patient retention. After surgery, the instruments are recounted with an intelligent table and prepared for the cleaning cycle according to the type of instrument, ensuring redundancy in the process.

The whole cycle of each instrument is constantly monitored until it returns to the sterilized materials stock, in which the instrument trays can also optionally be constantly monitored electronically.


The solution provides alerts for those trays that are approaching the sterilization expiration date. 

Identhis developed and patented special RFID tags to identify and track surgical instruments. The technology is based on the RAIN RFID standard, which allows for the safe, fast and accurate traceability of surgical instruments in a medical facility.  

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